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Behind the Camera

I served with the US Air Force for 20 years and then retired from military service.   My life included many years of living abroad where I experienced many cultures and diverse customs. Life overseas helped create experiences and memories that provided a lifelong influence on attitude, decision making, and interaction with other people. My travels expanded my outlook on the life that I learned while growing up in Oklahoma. I presently enjoy life with my beautiful bride in our home at Plano, Texas and we have four adult children who have left the nest and make their own lives in other states.

I am a self-taught photographer with many years' experience beginning in the film days with an old 35 mm SLR and in more recent times, I transitioned to the digital (DSLR) format.   As I made the change,  I completed the digital photography program at a nearby community college, and became reengaged with fine art photography.   I soon decided that I was no longer satisfied at being a hobbyist photographer so in early 2012, I stepped up and began offering my work for sale, online at Fine Art America.   Since I don't pay the bills with my work, I consider myself to be a part-time professional.  I strive for professional results and when I earn money, that revenue helps fund new equipment and training.


My photography interests are broad except that I have little interest in photographing children or weddings so I only shoot what I enjoy.  When I shoot portraiture, I enjoy working with mature women and I feel inspired when I'm able to capture images that show off beautiful eyes, soft skin, and a warm or fun smile.   I also enjoy shooting street photography, stills, architectural, and sometimes landscape.


I do occasionally accept female volunteers so if you would love some beautiful images of yourself, please get in touch so we can talk about doing a session. I'm just an average guy who is decent and respectful to those who model for me.  There is no charge for doing a volunteer session and you'll be rewarded with many copies of beautiful images.

And finally, I hope you'll take a few moments to also view my fine art work at http:/​/​lawrence-​burry.​artistwebsites.​com/​